Coronavirus and Camp

As we look forward to summer 2022, we’re confident that our summer will be worth the wait, and an awesome return to summer youth camps. 

Summer 2022 COVID-19

Looking forward to Summer 2022 The Sonlight Leadership Team monitors the COVID-19 rates in our county and nearby area, and are encouraged by the decrease in positivity rate. Should the environment change, metrics worsen, or a new COVID-19 strain arise, we will...

Sonlight 2022: COVID Updates

COVID and Summer Camp As of January 2022 Licensed by the Colorado Division of Childcare and San Juan Basin Health Department, Sonlight Camp receives guidance regarding COVID precautions, testing, exposures and positivity through these regulatory organizations. As...

Summer 2022: COVID

Looking Forward to Summer 2022 The Sonlight Leadership Team works closely with the Association of Camp Nursing (ACN), following COVID-19 recommendations and updates for camps.  ACN is currently working on both qualitative and quantitative research from summer...

Baby Steps to Normal

To our Sonlight Family and Friends, First, thank you to everyone who has supported Sonlight through this journey of 2020. Your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support have sustained us thus far, and for that we are so grateful. To our High School...

To Our Camp Families

It’s not what we planned for summer 2020, but we know that this decision is the best for our campers, families and the long term ministry of Sonlight

COVID-19 Update April 10

Sonlight is taking in all of the information we can from our governing bodies and using our camp-powers of collaboration, ingenuity, creativity and flexibility to apply this information to our summer camp season…. read more

Right now, we’re all doing a very new and unusual hard thing. The current COVID-19 situation is fluid, changing daily, sometimes even hourly. It’s testing our adaptability and our patience, and I imagine it’s testing yours as well.

A camp colleague

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