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You can make a difference. Live your faith in your work and play. Inspire greatness and create the safe space for kids to be who God created them to be. You’ll play hard, and work even harder and it’ll make you stretch and grow in ways you haven’t before.

College students who want to invest in youth  this summer: we would love to meet you! We hire a diverse group of young people who all have a passion to “Be with kids and show them God”.

Application Process

Easy as 1 * 2 * 3

    1. Explore the website and watch some highlight videos
    2. Read the job descriptions, and our “About Staff” post to ensure that you align with Sonlight Core Values and ministry intent. Be familiar with the Staff Handbook to learn more about some of the parameters of the position and our camp community. If you agree with our statement of faith and Core Values, then complete and submit the Online Application. 
    3. Interview with Sonlight Leadership staff. 

Hiring Timeline

    • Interviews are ongoing, as applications come in
    • Hiring decisions are typically made within a month of the interview(s)
    • Apply early!

“Being on staff I understood for the first time what it feels like to be unabashedly yourself, and for people to love who that crazy, goofy, quirky person is. I learned that you can love others so deeply, even when they’re different from yourself…. I learned that who you are is good enough, because it’s exactly who you’re supposed to be. Spending the summer at Sonlight was the best choice I’ve ever made, there’s nothing better than being here.”


Questions? We love conversation! Let us know what additional information we can provide regarding our positions or the application process.

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“Sonlight has made me fall in love with serving others.”

Staff Member

Summer Positions 2024

Application process for 2024 is just about wrapped up, with a full staff.


Be with kids! Live and work alongside the campers, mentoring, guiding and sharing all the fun of camp. Read full Job Description here. Girl positions are full. Guy spots have limited openings.


Capture the spirit of Sonlight in photo and videos. Your creative vision is required to tell the Sonlight story to parents and camp families. Continuing for summer 2024 the option for a 1 week commitment. Read the  Job Description here.

Assistant Cooks

This entry level kitchen position is perfect for someone who enjoys cooking and food and wants to learn the ins and outs of a commercial kitchen. Read full Job Description here

Behind the Scenes Staff/Maintenance

Support the program of Sonlight Camp through all the behind the scenes work. Program setup and takedown, mowing, dishes, and assisting with light maintenance. Read full Job Description here.

Office Assistant / Behind the Scenes Staff

Support the program of Sonlight Camp through office work and all the behind the scenes work. Answering phones and email, managing camper forms, program setup and takedown, mowing and dishes. Read full Job Description here.

Behind the Scenes Coordinator

Take the lead on coordinating the Behind the Scenes staff to support all aspects of program. This position coordinates, as well as helps to accomplish the work to include program setup and take down, mowing. dishes, laundry and light maintenance. Read full Job Description here

Registered Nurse

Sonlight’s Camp Nurses are responsible for the healthcare of campers and staff.  Current Colorado (or nurse compact state) RN license required. Read full Job Description here

Backpack Guides 

Sonlight’s Backpack Guides take our groups out for 5 day treks at a time and are responsible for the organization, set-up and clean-up of each trip.  Wilderness First Responder and backpacking experience required. 21 years or older .Read fullJob Description here. 

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant will assist the Program Lead in coordinating all the details of scheduling, materials, and logistics for the Family Camp Summer Program. Returning staff preferred. Read full Job Description here


Why Sonlight? Our camp is small, and the benefits profound. We get to know kids on a personal level, and our impact is great. Each week is a different age group, so activities, worship and everything we do is tailored to that specific age group of campers. We live the Core Values of Sonlight as we work and play together

When does the hiring process begin? Our application process is open. We usually have all of our staff hired by the beginning of April

Where do your staff come from? All over the USA! Our staff are a diverse group of young people from all across the country. Some staff are former campers, others found us on Google, and everything in between. We enjoy having a good mix of folks to have a well balanced team

Is this a paid position? Yes. All of our summer staff positions are paid. In addition to your paycheck you also receive room and board, laundry, and worker’s compensation insurance

When does staff training begin? Staff training begins May 29, 2024. The summer season runs through early August. A staff commitment is for the entire summer season

What about health insurance? Sonlight offers a small accident / illness insurance policy for summer staff. It does not cover any pre existing conditions. It is for injury /illness only. It is a small policy, not major health insurance

Academic Credit

Is your program of study camp related? You may be surprised to know that you can get academic credit from working at a summer camp! Sonlight is more than willing to work with college students who are interested in utilizing their summer not only as a summer job but as a paid internship or to receive college credit. Many of Sonlight’s summer positions relate to the following fields of study:

    • Youth Ministry
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Education
    • Business Administration
    • Food Service
    • Nonprofit Administration
    • Film/Video
    • A valuable job for learning soft skills to compliment a technical / scientific degree

If you are interested in receiving academic credit by working at Sonlight, first check with your advisor. Usually it involves a bit of paperwork on your part. Call us 970.264.4379 (main office)  

Important Links and Forms

Sonlight Staff Handbook Everything you need to know about being on staff at Sonlight 

Staff Application  The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get an interview

Year Round Staff 

Top reasons to work at camp this summer Provided by the American Camp Association From the American Camp Association:

Working at Camp is a Real Job

Skills Cultivated By Camp Employment

Translating Your Camp Employment To a Resume

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“To be on staff at Sonlight is to be part of something bigger than yourself”


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