Summer Camp

When asked which programs turn around kids’ lives. “I still haven’t seen one program change one kid’s life,” he says. “What changes people is relationships. Somebody willing to walk through the shadow of the valley of adolescence with them.”

Bill Milliken

Veteran Youth Activist

Why Sonlight?

Camp provides the opportunity to be who God created you to be and discover a greater sense of self through community living. Our programming is intentional as we work and play, we value learning to live together cooperatively. The bond of friendship found at Sonlight is unique,  we retain the reputation of being a place campers return summer after summer. Whole child development, free play in the natural world and exploring our faith together are Sonlight core values. Purposefully small, our enrollment is limited to 58 campers per session.

Historically Sonlight camps fill quickly, we suggest not delaying your registration to be sure you get a spot in camp.

Our summer 2018 Theme:  You Are Here

Welcome to Summer 2018: A summer of putting aside the tomorrows and the yesterdays and saying, HEY, I’M HERE TODAY and learning to love and live in the moment. Because, life is happening all around us – in the small moments and in the grand ones, too. Let’s gather together this summer to put aside our phones, grab a friend’s hand and give three hip hip hoorays to the chance to do life with one another in a real, present, and authentic way.

You are here! Wherever you find yourself right now, I encourage you to be fully there. Don’t let the wonder and glory of life pass you by. Jesus continues to work and be fully present in those small, sometimes mundane moments. So, let’s all try to live out our lives RIGHT NOW instead of waiting for life’s next big moment to happen.

Sing a little louder, dance a little bit crazier, jump a little higher, love a little more. Enjoy it.

Which camp is right for my kid?

The Place Where You Belong

This camp is so fun and I love how it takes all your worries way for however long you stay. You get away from the ‘real world’ and experience things that make you laugh, you make new friends, and most importantly you make new memories

Camper 2016

American Camp Association Logo

Sonlight is Accredited by the American Camp Association

New for 2018:

AdventurePLUS is a week long camp for rising 7th – 8th – 9th graders. The week is Intentionally programmed for older middle schoolers and 9th graders. It will have some additions to our traditional Adventure Camp and be appropriate for those younger high schoolers.

Scholarship funds are available for those with financial need. For a conversation about your scholarship needs, call Sara at 970.264.4379 or e-mail


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