board_fall_2014The Sonlight Board of Directors holds the responsibility of establishing broad policies and objectives, preserving the direction and culture of Sonlight. The Board meets a minimum of twice a year, or as many as 8 times a year as work needs to be accomplished for the organization. The current Sonlight Board of Directors:

Rob Breshears: involved with Sonlight for 24 years as a camper and staff member. Rob is a middle school teacher at Lesher Middle School in Fort Collins, Colorado. He met his wife Hannah at Sonlight, and their kids Cedar and Imogene look forward to being campers soon!

Jon Dunham: President of the Sonlight Board, Jon has a 23 year history with Sonlight. His first year was a backpack trip with his youth group from Richardson,Texas. Jon’s other job is Director of Trade Marketing with White Wave Foods in Broomfield, Colorado. Jon met his wife Nicole at Sonlight, and his kids Marshall and Lexi are long time campers.

Mary Marugg: Founding member of Sonlight in 1979, Sonlight has been home for 35 years. Her job description includes business administration, designing and managing the website, as well as all aspects of foodservice and healthcare.

Winston Marugg: Founding member of Sonlight, Winston is able to see the big picture, and focus on the where we should be heading while keeping track of the details of running the daily operation. Winston is Executive Director of Sonlight, solving a bewildering array of situations every day.

Ron McVean: With an 11 year history with Sonlight as a parent to former campers Lexi and Tres, and future camper Bella. Ron brings a rich history of business management to the Board. He is with McVean Investment Group LP in Amarillo, TX.

Tim Thayer has a 19 year history at Sonlight as a camper, then staff member for 11 years. He met his wife Gina at camp, and their 2 sons Toby and Simon will be campers as soon as they are old enough. He is ‘other’ job is Technical Lead  at CACI in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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