Giving up a week or 10 days of their time, our speakers generously give, to speak in to kids lives. Thanks to them all:

Douglas Reed: On Sonlight staff summers 2013 and 2014, Doug spoke for Adventure June session. Doug recently finished an internship in worship, and highlights of the week were worship time with middle school kids, and a heart felt message.

Kelsey McLean and Leah Wesselman spoke for Discovery camp in June. Both former staff, Kelsey and Leah brought creativity, joy and fun to their program. Kelsey is  a recent graduate from Gonzaga University, and taking some time for travel before the next chapter of her adventure. Leah is working on a Masters in math at Trinity University.

Todd Shulda: A pastor for youth and families at CenterPoint church in Pagosa Springs, Todd is a long time Sonlight favorite. He is direct and compassionate, willing to face the hard issues that kids are facing at home. Todd spends time regularly with the Sonlight staff, and was speaker for the High School 10Day June session.

Tim Gjefle hails from Washington State, a recent graduate of Whitworth College in Spokane. Tim was on Sonlight staff in 2012, and now teaches in Washington State. Little known fact: he is relentless on a tractor.

Cassie and Kyle Littel, speakers for Adventure Camp in July. Cassie was on staff in 2010. She and Kyle are youth pastors in Wisconsin, and bring fresh perspective and wisdom to working with youth. The kids loved them.

Heidi TeBrink: An athletic trainer at Colorado Christian University, Heidi has long history with Sonlight. On staff for 7 years, she was summer staff and then program director for 2 years. Heidi spoke to High School 10Day in July, and our 10days together was so great as she walked thru the whole book of John. The lives she has impacted at Sonlight are many.

Erin Burr: Sonlight staff member 2013 and 2014, Erin was loved by the little guys at Junior Camp. Wise, funny and compassionate we are grateful for her! Erin is a student at Colorado State University studying Psychology.

Andrew Loyd headed up Service Crew, leading their behind the scenes work, leadership activities as well as the study part of their program. Andrew is in a small group of  long term staff members, logging summer #6 in 2014. In the school year Andrew works with Albuquerque Public Schools with students with disabilities, as they transition out of the APS system.

Joel Bjerkestrand: Joel begin his Sonlight time back in 1987, the first of a 25+ year run bringing youth groups to Sonlight for ski trips. Returning for his 2nd year as speaker for GrandCamp we appreciate his gentle spirit and wisdom. A pastor from the Phoenix area, Joel has a wealth of experience and life stories to share.

Mark Osborn (better known as Sarah’s Dad) is an attorney from El Paso, but has a long run as Sunday school teacher, and is a favorite of all the kids. Returning for his second year speaking to the Discovery kids, we love his wisdom, and skill at communicating his message to this age group.


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