campfireToday is our “Friday” of the July 10Day high school camp, and what a time we have had. The 10Day high school camps are a special space of time where we have the opportunity to slow down, and roll thru each day without having to run full speed to get everything packed in. Camp traditions continue, but we get to do them in a mixed-up way, with surprises thrown in for fun. Talent Show last night was great, with true talent in voice, piano and dance. Other ‘talent’ made us laugh. Today is Heidi will wrap up her message from the book of John, then it’s messy games, pizza for lunch, banquet night, awards show and closing campfire. It’s been a special week, with great kids and staff. We will miss these kids when they go tomorrow, it’s been a priviledge to spend 10 days with each of them.

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