Amazing that I have so few photos, but this was back in the day when there were just a few of us and some were off on the backpack trip…, there wasn’t much time during work to just shoot photos.
1986-Annes Employment-Cruiser 1986-Annes Employment-Lisa,Janet But, I would not go back and change a single thing.

Sonlight was a blessing to me when I attended with our Youth Ski Trips and we brought our own counselors. It was a blessing and a learning curve for me when I worked there my year out of high school. When Stan and I had our girls (Lindsey and Veronica), we journeyed out with them to a Barn Raising when they were 2, and again when they were 5 or 6, only to enroll them when they completed 3rd grade…and they have attended each year through graduation.

Sonlight and what happens there is awesome – it touches all of us in a way that becomes a true part of who we are.

Peace and Blessings,
Anne (Halbgewachs) Higgins

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