Why Camp? Let’s Dance!

Camp lends a wonderful balance to formal education. As we participate in whole child development, at Sonlight we ask ‘how can we awaken creativity?’ “But something strikes you when you move to America and when you travel around the world: Every education...

Authentic Faith

“It’s the experience that brings people in the door…deliver an authentic experience of emotional strength, spontaneity, and simultaneity….” -The Gospel According To Starbucks Why do Sonlight camps fill up year after year? Great food?...

“Maybe Christmas,  he (the Grinch) thought, doesn’t come from a store”  Dr. Seuss  Canyon street:  Boulder, Colorado. Such a joyful spirit of optimism and hope. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Trees & Plans!

Christmas season, christmas trees, and planning for summer 2012. Games, dance and staff training- Winston, Heather, Kt Mac and Mary had a productive afternoon at Durango coffee. Great ideas coming your way!     

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