You Are Part of the Story

In the 38 years since Sonlight took our first backpack trip in the Gore Wilderness, Sonlight has become home to thousands of staff and campers. We are proud that you are part of the Sonlight story – the experiences and memories that have shaped our lives and the world around us.

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Clapping for Bears

Clapping for Bears

Back then the staff used the bathrooms up in one of the main buildings. I had taken my contacts out as I was getting ready for bed and realized I had left my glasses in my cabin. It was dark, but I thought, eh, there's a light halfway down the path. I'll be fine....

Sonlight = Family

Sonlight will always be home to me. The part that first comes to mind and sticks out when I think of Sonlight is the family I made there. I still marvel at how close we all became and how much love, caring, and respect existed among the staff members. I would do...

Friendship and Thank You’s

My favorite part about camp besides the friends that I got while working there, was the amazing way that Winston and Mary told their staff Thank You for the jobs and tasks they were doing everyday.I told Winston that he didn't have to thank me it was part of my job,...

Summer of ’86

Amazing that I have so few photos, but this was back in the day when there were just a few of us and some were off on the backpack, there wasn't much time during work to just shoot photos.  But, I would not go back and change a single thing. Sonlight was a...

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