A new year full of new opportunities! Our days are full, with summer camp registration open and summer camps filling up. Sonlight is accepting staff applications, and is in the process of staff interviews as we plan for summer staff 2024. We have the specific need for more applicants for Backpack Guides, Behind the Scenes staff an Guy Counselors at this time.

Sonlight has a full winter season of  youth groups staying with us for a ski trip or winter retreat.  We love hosting the groups, most return year after year and it’s a pleasure to build relationships with the youth and leaders. The seasonal snopack is below normal for this time of year, we’re definintely praying for more snow so we have some powder ski days on the mountain, and to fill the groundwater for next summer.

The Sonlight Board and Advisors continues to meet regularly as we discern the best path forward for programming, organizational leadership and all that goes in to maintaining a small non-profit ministry. Specifically the Board is in conversation about what the next generation of leadership looks like as we navigate the needs of youth, a changing world and the state and federal regulations that impact our operation. All good conversation, but it is a challenge as we acknowledge all that we juggle. Thank you for your prayers as we continue the journey and plan for solid Sonlight ministry for years to come!

As the Sonlight Board and Advisors continue the conversation we celebrate ALL the second generation kids being born! Junior Camp 2032!


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