SH101680-3_optA week at camp!

Best week of the summer. Download the ‘What To Bring’ list, and here are a few additional suggestions:

  1. Label your things. Sonlight will make every effort to keep camper belongings with them, labels help.
  2. Upon arrival campers check in with the nurse, so keep medications handy to turn in. Campers may keep epi-pens and inhalers with them, be sure they are labeled.
  3. Soft sided duffels work well. Storage for campers belongings is under the bunks
  4. Remember warm layers, and a raincoat. Evenings are cool, and a raincoat is important on hike day
  5. Mobile devices that connect to the internet or phone service are not allowed. Send digital cameras instead of phones. All photos from the Sonlight photographer will be available for purchase at the end of the week ($10. All proceeds benefit the Sonlight scholarship fund.)
  6. Banquet night! The summer theme is Create. Create your outfit from art supplies, or dress up as an art supply! Maybe Chelsea will dress up as a crayon.
  7. Rafting and messy games clothes: Don’t forget to pack clothes for the raft trip, to include water shoes that attach to feet (not flip flops) or shoes that can get wet. Pack clothes for messy games that can get dirty and messy.

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