While it sounds like some prime-time show spin-off, in actuality, much of Sonlight’s registration work and parent communications actually take place through a home office in New York State.  In 2010, Sara’s heart for the mission of Sonlight collided with Sonlight’s need for a new registrar. Thanks to modern technology and Mary and Winston’s innovative thinking, she is able to work remotely for Sonlight while staying home with her two young children. Don’t be deceived by that 970 area code-it travels! From two time zones away, campers are registered, questions are answered, Health Form and Physicals are processed and e-mailings are sent out.

So on a rural road in Central New York, where a dirt road meets old asphalt, there is a house in the woods.  The “campers” there are a little younger, the meadow covered in a little more snow and while the marshmallows are  abundant, the bon fires are usually little smaller.  Sara’s favorite day of the year is the spring day when it’s warm enough to work from her back porch while the kids play outside.



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