Sonlight fun“It’s the experience that brings people in the door…deliver an authentic experience of emotional strength, spontaneity, and simultaneity….”

-The Gospel According To Starbucks

Why do Sonlight camps fill up year after year? Great food? Amazing staff? Majestic San Juan mountains? In 35 years of Sonlight, we’d say that it is every detail of Sonlight that stacks up to an experience that kids can’t get enough of. The feedback from campers and parents is consistent: Campers feel valued, they come alive in an environment that is real – and not virtual. The authentic experience of camp becomes the starting point for a lived faith. It is transforming. Sonlight is small, but our opportunity for genuine relationship is huge. And it makes a difference. Sonlight desires to create experiences and relationships where kids and staff explore faith from their heart. When it comes from the heart, it will grow.


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