Cherry Cairntrail signSonlight holds priority permits with the US Forest Service, allowing us to take groups of kids on day hikes and backpack trips. Each February, Winston spends several days mapping out the hikes we’ll be doing the next summer, coordinating the age of the kids, the specific trail and how much snow may be on the trail still melting from winter. We are privileged to hold the permits, as there are a limited amount available in the Weminuche and South San Juan wilderness areas. Permits are regulated to protect the wilderness, to prevent over use. Sonlight is the only youth organization currently holding permits in these wilderness areas.usfs

We value the opportunity to gets kids out into nature.¬†Climbing a mountain provides so many benefits for young people. Youth development research tells us that young people need challenging and engaging activities and learning experiences in order to grow into confident, happy adults. To be out in the sun and rain, to be successful in getting to the top of a peak takes physical and mental strength, and the effort gets us to some of the most beautiful country around. Summer 2015 is closer than you think! Don’t miss the opportunity to come to camp and climb a peak with Sonlight.

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