jack hudsonA huge thank you to Keith and Stephanie Hudson, who contributed funds to Sonlight for a rec shed – “Jack’s Shack” in memory of Jack Hudson. Or titled more appropriately as Jack would have called it:

A Waterproof Recreational Equipment and Tool Storage Facility in Memory of a Great Counselor and Father.”

Jack Hudson, an engineer at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque, volunteered as a counselor at Sonlight for years. His first motivation was to come to camp with his son Scott, who needed a bit of assistance because of limited mobility from muscular dystrophy. Jack jumped in fully as a counselor, willing to give to kids and staff as needed.

Jack’s Shack holds “all things program” – giving us great organization for equipment and supplies we use every day for camp. The foam machine, teams course equipment, messy games, theme props and all the rest are now easy to get to and easy to store. Thanks Keith and Stephanie- we appreciate you guys! We miss you Jack, your spirit of joy lives on.


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