2015 Sonlight summer camp dates are posted! Registration opens January 2, 2015 – be prepared for some fun.

*  New * for 2015:

  • Rates hold the same as 2014 if you register by March 31. Every camp goes up by $25 April 1. This is our 4th year with no tuition increase!
  • Plan to register in January. Looking at projected campers vs. weeks of camp, we know that some camps will be packed. There just isn’t another week of the summer to add more camps. Plan to register in January to be sure you get a spot.
  • Sonlight is offering a ‘short’ Discovery camp: Sunday June 28- Friday July 3. A great option for younger kids who may not want a full 7 day camp.
  • As always, scholarship funds are available, so all kids have the opportunity to come to Sonlight! Contact Winston if you need a bit of help with Sonlight camp tuition for 2015.

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