HeatherOne Sunday this summer, staff walked a labyrinth for our worship. (Thanks Andrew.) As we walked in silence, it was dramatic how our journeys changed as we moved through the labyrinth together. Sometimes we walked in the same direction as another, and then the path would turn and we would be walking in  different directions.

On this journey we call Sonlight, we love to walk with friends and companions, yet we know that this community is fluid. People come and fill a significant role, then their journey changes and the role they fill will be filled by another. What we do know is that there is never an end, just a change.

Heather Quandt has been with us 7 years, and she is now changing direction. She has brought out the best in us, and her impact is lasting and significant on staff, campers and the heart of the ministry of Sonlight. She will be missed in the position she has filled, but it’s not an end, just a change. We wish you the best Heather, and know that your legacy at Sonlight has changed many, many people.

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