Heather McKesson

Hello everyone! My name is Heather McKesson and I just wanted to give a warm shout out to all of our supporters. I will be working this summer as the office / health care assistant and I am so excited for a summer of ministry at Sonlight! Just a little introduction to me: I have a MA in Christian Formation and Ministry with an emphasis in Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Wheaton College. My passions are youth / teen ministry, hiking, knitting, coffee, an unruly love of God, and just generally being nerdy. You will probably see some posts from me this summer that range from the ins and outs of camp ministry, to that funny thing a camper told me while they were here. And don’t worry if you get confused, I will definitely clarify which Heather I am! Until next time, God bless!

-Heather  M.

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