The time I spent working and playing at Sonlight influenced who I am today in many ways. As a kid from suburban Dallas, I was first impacted by the beauty of the mountains. I remember going to get gas in the old Ford pick up early one morning and thinking to myself, “Why on earth do people live anywhere else??” The love, guidance and encouragement from Winston and Mary also greatly influenced what I was willing to try and able to accomplish. Working at Sonlight provided my first opportunities for true independence and meaningful responsibility. Plus, it was just so much fun. The friendships, the bears, the campfires, the crazy weekend trips … one of my favorite memories is from a staff trip when we slept on the Continental Divide without a tent because we were too tired to put one up. The majesty of the stars we saw that night represent the Sonlight experience to me – clearing away the distractions for a glimpse of heaven that is out of this world!

Elizabeth (Crook) Hunter


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