Wind died down last night, and there was no smoke plume visible from Sonlight this morning. There was a bit of smoke in the air early this morning over camp, but it is clearing out as of late morning.

West Zone West Fork Fire:  Activity on the West Fork fire, south of the continental divide, was more active yesterday than it has been all week.  The fire made a run up the backside of Sheep Mountain to the east and is burning above Highway 160.  Firefighters will be working today to catch any spots along the 160 corridor and additional firefighting resources have been brought in to protect private land and structures off of the West Fork Road around Borns Lake.

This area is still 11+ miles north of Sonlight. Pray for the firefighters, pray for rain. Wolf Creek Pass continues to be closed.

High School 2 starts today! Jack Russell is our speaker- which is awesome. The “12Days On The Divide” kids arrive today as well, and will hit the trail on Monday morning. The trip has been re-routed to the Continental Divide through the South San Juans.


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