Lots ‘o things to think about in the fall – we’re not exactly here at camp harvesting in the typical sense, but we’re harvesting a few things:

  • Nick’s cabin is getting finished, and we pray for smooth inspections and no more than the usual unexpected bumps in the road- so we can get a certificate of occupancy by mid-November
  • A phone call from a fairly new-to-town local fellow who wants to come visit Sonlight- he says that the kids he works with just chatter endless about Sonlight, and how excited they are for the next time they can come to camp
  • Two more fall weekends, and we wrap the 2012 season up in style with the Sonlight high school fall retreat – still a few spaces – but it’s about full!
  • Anticipation for 2013 – some new camps, and old traditions mixed up together
  • Details coming together to launch the Sonlight Endowment Fund: Give Sonlight to the Next Generation


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