Dates are official for Summer 2013. The calendar is up – so don’t be shy about making your plans. In the summer of 2012, Sonlight camps were 98% full. The empty spots were primarily in Junior camp, and a few in the Adventure camps. So we know that camps will fill quickly. Sonlight registration opens on January 2, and we suggest that you don’t delay if you want a spot in camp.

We’ve made some unique changes – which we’re pretty excited about. For the first time, we’re offering a 10 day resident camp for high schoolers. We’ve also opened Adventure camps to 6th graders, so parents can find the best fit for their child- either in Discovery camps, with kids a little younger, or Adventure camps with kids a little older.

Nick has added some twists to the High Adventure program:

  • Peak Bagging  (16-21 year olds)
  • 12 Days on The Divide (16-21 year olds)
  • Float trip on the Green River – Utah (9th-12 grade)
  • Intro To Backpacking (8th-12th grade)
  • Father/Son Trip – now open to Granddads as well
  • Womens Backpack Trip

It’s going to be a ride! Nick, Heather, Winston and Mary are glad for new ideas, keeping Sonlight Sonlight, but adding a few things along the way.

Summer 2013 Resident Camp Dates and Camps

Summer 2013 High Adventure Program

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