Snow is melting quickly at Sonlight, and the meadow is starting to turn green. Nick and Winston have been busy cleaning out, and getting tools and equipment ready for summer, Heather is a staff hiring machine these days, though continues to have tough decisions, as there are so many great folks applying for not very many positions. Summer 2012 registrations are strong- many camps are filled, but there are still some Junior camp spots, Adventure Camp spots, Wilderness Week for Girls, Wilderness Week for Boys and X2 spaces. Staff will be in and out in April. Winston and Mary are packing for a mission trip to Mexico to build houses with the United Church of Los Alamos. Nick is headed out for some spring skiing and climbing. Heather has some Honduras and Grand Canyon travel plans. Thank goodness for Lory to continue the maintenance work at camp while we’re all in and out, Sara to continue to handle all registration work and Rhonda to keep up with book keeping. A team we are!


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