At campfire, one summer evening in 2010 Heidi wrapped up our day telling the high school kids how valued they are. They began to share how un-valued they feel. How our world can really beat up a kid. I (Mary) joined Heidi up front, and talked about January at Sonlight. Snow on the ground. Cold. Beautiful winter sun on the meadow, and the joy of  watching camp registrations come across my desk. It lights up our world to be reminded of our campers. The  uniqueness of each kid. The funny things they say. The treasure that each kid is. We are reminded of the struggles they have shared with us. So for each of you, know that as we see your name in the ‘inbox’ this week, and this month, we celebrate you. We pray for you. And each day we grow more and more excited for summer to come so we can laugh, worship and play together again. Know that you are loved.

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