Sunday Schedule

A small taste of what your camper is experiencing at camp while you are on your way home!

5:30 pm: Mixers and Ice Breakers

Silly games specifically designed by our program staff to reconnect campers with old friends, meet new ones and get to know their Sonlight counselors.

6:30 pm: Dinner

A home cooked meal served family style to our campers and staff. Always made from scratch by our lovely cooks with fresh ingredients. Food allergy accommodations provided.

7:30 pm: Program Introduction

Camper’s official welcome to camp where they learn Sonlight’s guidelines, are introduced to our behind-the-scenes staff,

8:30 pm: Our First Campfire!

A time where all camp comes together, sings songs, watches skits, listens to a devotion from our speaker and reflects on a day of camp.

After Campfire: Cabin time and lights out

A time for cabin bonding and sleep. We have a fun week planned and our campers need as much rest as possible.

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