Authorization Form for Sonlight Camp

Required for all participants (youth and adults) in the Diocese of Victoria group

2024 Sonlight Authorization Form - Diocese of Victoria

"*" indicates required fields

Camper Name*

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact*
Relationship of the Emergency Contact to the Camper/Registrant
Alternate Emergency Contact*
Relationship of the Alternate Emergency Contact to the Camper/Registrant
Parent / Guardian Authorization for Health Care*
I attest the online health history is correct and accurately reflects the health status of the camper to whom it pertains. The camper described has permission to participate in all camp activities except as noted by me and/or a a licensed prescriber (MD, NP). I give permission to the camp to order tests provide needed care and treatment, and give medications, related to the health of my child for both routine health care and in emergency situations. I give my permission to the camp’s healthcare prescriber to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and seek emergent care for my child if needed. I understand the information on this form will be shared on a ''need to know'' basis with camp staff. I give permission to photocopy this form. In addition, Sonlight Camp has permission to obtain a copy of my child's health record from providers who treat my child and these providers may talk with the camps staff about my child's health status.
Authroization for Photos*
I give my permission for photos taken of me/my child participating in camp activities may be used for the promotional purposes of camp and Sonlight, to include the website and printed material.
Authorization for Sunscreen*
I understand that Sonlight Camp provides SPF30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (brand: Rocky Mountain Sunscreen) for campers. If I provide sunscreen for my child it must be labeled with the child's first and last name.
Acknowledgement of Risk*
I understand that camp can have certain inherent risks, that the mountain environment is different than the city. Situations may arise which will be handled differently than in an urban area. I understand that cell phones /devices that connect to internet or wireless service may not be used by campers.
By signing this authorization form I attest that I am the legal parent / guardian of this camper.
Name of Parent / Guardian Signing the Form*
MM slash DD slash YYYY
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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