Staying Connected

Campers love mail! Encouraging words of excitement from home can be a great help when campers miss home, or have some anxiety about being away from home. You may communicate with your camper:

  • One-way email system, accessible through the parent dashboard. Emails are printed and delivered once a day. (Campers are not able to respond to these emails)
  • Pre-written letters and cards that you bring on opening day. Sonlight will deliver the day that you wish.
  • Letters mailed to the Sonlight post office box, (Rural mail delivery tends to be slow. Be mindful of mailing way in advance of camp dates).

Campers may write letters home. We suggest providing paper, envelopes and stamps. Campers are not able to respond by email.


We do not encourage phone calls to your camper or allow visits. We have found that this disrupts the camp and camper experience. Please contact your camper as directed above through letters, care packages and emails through your parent portal.

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