24 youth and adults from the United Church of Los Alamos contributed a week of their time to get some deck building done! 7 decks were replaced, Phase 1 complete! Snow provided challenges, not only shoveling the decks, but ice had to be chipped and thawed from screws on the old decks before the boards could be taken up. Such a project, and so many willing hands.

Ginny’s Grill, hot tub deck, Hilton deck, HiUp and Eastin-Westin decks, the office deck and the back deck on the backpack building were all replaced. Such progress!

Thanks to the leadership of Randy and Laura Erickson, with the support of Brad Meyer, Anthony Puckett and many others the decks are once again in great shape. Amazing food provided by Pam Meyer and Beth Dermer kept everybody happy and warm.

The next phases incude 22 new Adirondack chairs. Ordered from Polywood, they will provide color and durability to the community space on the decks, replacing the older wooden chairs. New windows will be installed in HighUp and EDub in May. 4 new picnic tables have arrived, and we’re working on new signage for the entrance to camp.

Thanks to generous donors to make it all happen! Nina Thayer, Mike Coltrin, Bryce and Natalie Baca, Summit Church, the United Church of Los Alamos,Rhonda and Donnie McClure, Karammie Hartman, Bret Hamilton, Winston and Mary Marugg, Summit Church in Durango and John Crabbe. Thank you!

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