A space to be away, a space set apart. Sonlight Camp has always been a unique place in our world and the Sonlight leadership team continues learning how to provide a place of hospitality, belonging and be a community of well being.

 Sonlight is privileged to have been invited to be one of 10 camps piloting the Alliance for Camp Health’s CampWell program. An immersive learning program uniquely designed to help leaders shape programs that incorporate the tools, self-awareness, and understanding needed to create a community of well-being.

March 2023, Claire Madera (Sonlight Program Director) and Mary Marugg (Founder | Interim Director) attended a training at Laity Lodge in Texas. Led by content specialists, the training was thought provoking and meaningful. We received confirmation that we already do many things to provide a healthy camp community, and we brought home new ideas to implement for summer 2023.

 Join us this summer! We would like to get to know you and share this place with you. We have songs to sing, hikes to take and bikes to ride. The stars will be bright at night. We will share laughter and stories, great food and a few cookies. We know that when you take time away you may have a divine encounter, and we wish that for you. To feel God’s love, and know that He rejoices over you. Join us!

Share the magic! Summer 2023 is filling quickly

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