Sonlight Donors: Who, What, Why

It’s community that brings us joy, and the Sonlight donor community is a snapshot of the power of each person contributing what they can to strengthen the whole.

The Sonlight donor mosaic includes young campers who saved allowances to donate to Sonlight and churches who regularly contribute. We receive donations from employer matching programs. Long time friends have included Sonlight in their estate planning. We are grateful for donations from Charitable foundations and donor advised funds. Gifts of stock are a bonus to the giver and the receiver, as they can be given without the tax burden to the donor of cashing the stock.

Monthly we receive regular donations from individuals who give $5 to $100 or more. We celebrate the random checks that arrive. The Amazon purchases through the Sonlight charity site have been a huge blessing.

All of these donations have added up to replace some of the lost income from the Covid impact so we can continue to operate through the pandemic. Our scholarship fund is robust providing camp for everyone who has a financial need at this time. Donations have built our endowment to provide consistent income. 

The Sonlight leadership team is grateful for the wide variety of people who step forward to say “we believe in what you are doing.” That encouragement gives us joy, hope and optimism about the world we live in.

To those who donate time, funds and prayer we say thank you! You are encouragers, and your support of Sonlight does not go unnoticed. We continue to pray for you as well, that you will be blessed as you are a blessing.


Sonlight Donors


Young campers

Former staff

Camper parents

College staff


Camper aunts and uncles

Adult siblings of campers

Adults who have come on retreats

Long time friends of Sonlight.

“Give until it feels good”
Dr. Robert P. Oerter, Jr

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