An alumni trip through Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah! Winston and Mary spent time on the road in February. No agenda, just visits with Sonlight friends where they live and work, sharing a meal or cup of coffee. Those camp friendships are so important to us and we love to stay connected. Some things we learned along the way:

  • No one forgets the Sonlight cookies
  • Camp friendships last a lifetime
  • The shared laughter of today is awesome
  • The Sonlight alumni network stretches far and wide
  • There is strength in friendships that last through the years

Thank you to Joel and Sue Bjerkestrand and family, Kari and John Kearney, Luke, Finn and Kaiya, Derek and Brody Bjerkestrand (and family), Allyson and Thom Stevens, Carol Brown, Keith and Diane Rima and family, Abby (Rima) Stolzfus, Derek, Jack and Kai, Doug and Jan Pearson, Jasmine Wilkerson, Megan Kober and Joe Casey, Rob and Nikki (Wickham) Shifter and family, Caroline Tidewell, Derek Kober, Sam Phillips, Davey and Ashley Iverson and family and Keaton and Katie Whitcomb for hospitality and great conversation!

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