Let me share some words written to me by one of our former campers and staff members. In our leadership discussions we talk about this topic quite often, but the voice of this friend of Sonlight puts the matter more elegantly than I ever have. So I’ll let these words speak for themselves.

“I have an appreciation for the opportunities camp provides for positive risk-taking. From making new friends to trying a scary teams-course element to asking that hard or deeply personal question, Sonlight is remarkable in how well each of these risks is likely to have a positive outcome. This is why, even as we seek to stretch our campers and get them out of their comfort zones, they so often refer to Sonlight as ‘sanctuary’ or ‘home’. I can only believe that this is the result of the love our staff shows and the love that flows through our staff. This feature of Sonlight is rare and wonderful and should be preserved at any cost.”

Disciples of Christ are called to take risks for the kingdom, showing love in a painful world, seeking peace in a conflicted cosmos, and preserving in an ethos that values constant change. I hope that Sonlight can continue to be a place in which campers and staff take positive risks and reap divine rewards. I pray that the Spirit’s love with always flow through us to those placed in our care.

– emrys

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