Somehow dreams are more alive in the wild



Katie McLean

Kelsey’s Wild Place

Welcome to the treehouse! The project started last fall when Emrys and Winston set the foundation posts. This Saturday we moved in to phase 2 of the building with a group from Durango to install joists and substructure. All in preparation for the decking and railings which will be completed next week by our friends from Covenant Presbyterian Church, Wichita Kansas. Such a project!

Kelsey McLean was a camper at Sonlight for 10 years, and then on summer staff for 3 years. In September of 2015 she lost her life in a car accident. One of the summer’s she was on staff, the theme was “Into the Wild.” Because Kelsey was always up for an adventure, always up for exploring and experiencing the big outdoors, it’s fitting to have a place at Sonlight in the trees with a view of the peaks as Kelsey’s Wild Place.

Funds donated to Sonlight in memory of Kelsey made the treehouse possible.  Contributions were received from families and individuals as well as First United Methodist Church in Durango, and Covenant Presbyterian Church Wichita, Kansas.

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