Rediscover what God has created, the simple reality all around us

Emrys Tyler

Simple Reality

Mark Zuckerberg rolled out this week the next generation of Facebook plans. The tech world is abuzz. Soon, perhaps, the world we see will be augmented by icons, infoblurbs, and pointers to the tsunami of information ever pressing upon us from the internet. And instead of leaving our bedrooms and dens to visit friends, we’ll be able to play virtual reality card games at a digital table with cartoonified emoji versions of our friends.

Facebook, along with every other media business, aims to fill up our lives with more fast-flowing data, more choices, and more . . . well, more of everything.

Except simplicity.

Except open space.

Except room to think,

And room to breathe.

Technology, in all its forms and at every level of advancement, offers invaluable tools for streamlining our lives. At precisely the same time, it calls for a balance lest we be crushed by the gravitational pull of so much stuff.

Augmented reality must be balanced by unaugmented reality, in which silence happens and it’s all right to wait. Virtual reality must be balanced by physical reality, in which we can smell the Chex mix and measure with a glance our fellow card players’ savvy. The glowing screens in our lives must be balanced by glittering night skies, the quietude of mountains, and the fragrant embrace of green grass.

Part and parcel of our mission at Sonlight is to provide a balance to all the digital, technoluminescent noise of human creation. We come to Sonlight to rediscover what God has created, the simple reality that is all around us and among us when we eat together, play unencumbered, and savor the undistracted wilds.

We can’t wait simply to be here with you, and see what God does.

~ emrys

incoming director 2017

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