While we believe space and freedom are important for the overall camp experience, we also desire for parents to feel connected with their children during camp. And obviously campers love to hear from parents to know that they are loved and missed. Here are some ways you can stay connected while your camper is with us:

Letters and Care Packages

We encourage you to bring letters on opening day, and we’ll distribute them the days you indicate. This is the most reliable way for mail to get to your camper. You may bring care packages if you wish, many parents do, but it is not required. (Please don’t include food or candy in care packages as it attracts critters in the cabins.)

One Way E-Mail

Via your Parent Portal you may send encouraging emails to your camper. We will print them and deliver with the regular mail once a day. This is a one-way system, campers will not have the ability to reply. In rare instances, we reserve the right not to deliver emails that we deem inappropriate for any reason at our own discretion.

Photos: We upload photos daily so you can take a peek at what’s happening during your camper’s session.

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