While Your Camper is at Camp

And what you may be curious about!

Staying Connected

While we believe space and freedom are important for the overall camp experience, we also desire for parents to feel connected with their children during camp. And obviously campers love to hear from parents to know that they are loved and missed. Here are some ways you can stay connected while your camper is with us Learn more

Sunday Schedule

A glimpse in to what we’re doing when you’re headed back home! See the schedule


Sonlight Staff

Our phenomenal summer staff come from all across the globe. This summer we have Internation staff joining our team, from Denmark, Mexico and Columbia. Our competitive hiring process allow us to hire the best for your campers! Our staff is at Sonlight for the entire summer, starting with 10 days of staff training. How to create a community of well-eing, safety, childhood development and best practices in the youth camping world are only a few of the topics we cover.


44 Years of Ministry

Sonlight was founded in 1979 by Winston and Mary Marugg. For 45 years our summer programs have challenged campers and changed lives. Our journey has been significant and we are better people because of those who have joined us along the way. We’re glad your family is part of the journey! Learn more


Tye Dye Washing

Tye dye has to set, so if your camper does tye dye late in the week you’ll have to do a bit of washing when you get home for the best tye dye result:

  1. Unwrap rubber bands and hang to dry completely

  2. Once dry, wash (without other laundry) in cold water with ⅓ cup white vinegar per pound of fabric; around 3-4 tbsp per shirt

  3. Hang or tumble dry (without other laundry)

  4. You’re good to go! Some folks like to wash once more with detergent for good measure but it is not required.

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