Family Camp 2021

To prepare you for the best family camp ever! 



Summer Theme

This summer, we will examine the words of the prophet Micah (6:8): “What does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God?” These characteristics of the faithful life, brought to fulfillment in Jesus, are marks for all Christians to pursue.  Especially in a cultural season when many people cry out for justice, and when anger and violence threaten persons and politics, Sonlight wants to encourage families and friends to focus on the core of our community ethics. Though we’ll be working hard all summer to make camp the crazy-fun time it always is (with awesome food!), we are also looking forward to reflecting deeply on what God wants from our lives. 

Family Camp Health Form

This health history is required for each family member. Please complete the form and return to Sonlight 10 days before your camp date.

Fax:  877.335.2331 | email [email protected]


Dietary Needs Form

Sonlight serves great food, especially for our friends with medically necessitated dietary restrictions.  If that is you, please complete this form so our Kitchen Crew can make arrangements prior to your arrival to accommodate your needs.


What to Bring List

We’ve got suggestions for what to bring! Here is a packing list and some additional suggestions.


Guardian Form

Are you bringing campers not related to you? Please have the childs family complete the guardian form, and return to Sonlight. Fax: 877.335.2331 | email [email protected]

Banquet Night Theme

Welcoming the Wonder Workers

This year’s banquet theme is all about dressing for the job of your dreams. Let your inner child free to live out their dream job, no matter how silly or fantastical it may be. Whether it be a ballerina or an astronaut, or Willy Wonka, or a fairy-dancer-racecar-driver, bring your hopes, dreams and imagination to the table, for this year’s Banquet Night.

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