New Video!

We just launched a new video! See what Sonlight is all about! We are making plans for an awesome summer in 2011! New Video: Sonlight – Why You Should Be Here!

November is for Thanksgiving

November is a month for Thanksgiving- being thankful, turkey, family and all the rest. It’s also a time for rest and renewal. Winston and Mary have been doing a bit of travel. Visits to Civil War sites on the East Coast, connecting with Karamie in Richmond, and...

New Videos on youtube!

Check out our newly released youtube videos! Get a tour of camp with some unusual characters. Funny bloopers from last summer. If you’d like to see more Sonlight videos on youtube, visit

A Word of Encouragement

Today, may I once again take the radical gospel journey. May I start from my own unique beginning. May I journey in my own unique style, May I pursue my own unique goals. May I take this journey with no doubt or apology. May I find no need to imitate my brothers, my...

Snowing. Awesome.

A day of work at Brett’s house- sipping coffee and watching it snow. Awesome. Brett is pretty productive, looky how many computers he’s working on!

Wichita, Kansas

Hello Wichita, KS! A delight to spend the weekend with our friends from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wichita. 1988 was the first year that a group of high school kids came to Sonlight with Warren Muller, the pastor at Covenant at the time. Their tradition has...

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