The Sonlight leadership team is intentional in our work to create a community of well-being at Sonlight Camp!

New this season, Sonlight is implementing the MyView Digital Empathy screening to give youth voice in their camp experience. In collaboration with the Alliance for Camp Health, Tickit Health’s My View is a first-of-its-kind MESH+ screening tool for the summer enrichment setting. Screening with My View improves provision of care by helping campers and camp staff understand each other better.

Examples of the questions included in the survey:

    • At camp I might worry about these things:
    • These things help me with my life’s ups and downs:
    • At camp, I would like to spend my time:

Easy questions that provide us with information to best serve campers. The screening is completely optional, and campers may opt out of specific questions or the whole survey if they choose.

Continuing in 2024, the CampWell curricula will be included in staff training. CampWell’s multi-tiered training course guides participants to identify, understand, cultivate, and create a community of well-being. Created in collaboration with the Alliance for Camp Health, American Camp Association and supported by the H.E. Butt Foundation the CampWell training program aims to help all be well at camp and seeks to create consistent care across the spectrum of all summer learning spaces. As an immersive learning program CampWell is uniquely designed to help leaders shape programs that incorporate the tools, self-awareness, and understanding needed to enhance the experience and safety for all. 

All that to say we value our campers so much, and having the tools and language to train our staff to care for kids the best they can!

Sonlight Leadership team understands the importance of camp and the unique space that camp is in our world. The opportunity to be unplugged, explore outside spaces, be in healthy community, and build friendships is making a positive impact in the lives of our campers and staff members.

View the 1 minute video for an overview of  CampWell.

2024 is the second summer that Sonlight is implementing the CampWell training.

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