The value that most impacted my life and the one that I feel like all of the others flow from is that at Sonlight everyone is loved and welcomed unconditionally. As a kid growing up, Sonlight was the place that I first truly was able to come out of my shell and feel like I was loved for who I am.

Henry Stam

As the Sonlight leadership team continues to navigate the journey, transitioning from Founders to the next generation of leadership we welcome Henry Stam to our leadership team! Henry is stepping into the new role of Hospitality Director, taking the lead on all things related to hospitality for summer campers and guest groups. A new position for Sonlight, The Sonlight Board created a specific position to oversee all aspects of hospitality in collaboration with the Program Director, Backpack Coordinator, Property Steward and Director.

Henry was a Sonlight camper, then joined summer staff for 6 seasons when he was in college and grad school. A faithful volunteer and speaker Henry brings experience and deep Sonlight knowledge to the position.

Mary Marugg retains the position of Director, Winston Marugg is the Property Steward and Backpack Coordinator. Claire Madera is in her third year as Program Director.

Henry and his wife Natalie are now at home at Sonlight, we look forward to the next step in the Sonlight journey!

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