I can only imagine how busy all of our lives have gotten to be over the last month or so. From the ending of an incredible summer, to the beginning of a new school year, it is safe to say there probably hasn’t been much time for relaxing in our lives lately. 

That’s only one of the reasons why we want to invite you to our annual High School Fall Retreat! Take a break for a few days from the busy schedule and reconnect with friends and staff from the summer! We will have lots of time to hangout, play some games, and simply be with one another.

A group of summer staff are traveling down to volunteer for the weekend, including Bryce Baca who will be our speaker for the weekend. Get excited to eat some really good food with us, worship with one another, carve pumpkins, and retreat to the mountains for a few days.

November 3-5! Come Join Us!

Ready to retreat?

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