The Photo Contest Results are in…

Congratulations Will B. and Winston M. for correctly identifying all 7 photos! You win some yummy Sonlight cookies!



Shout-out to Jan C., Michael M., Mike C., Oliver H., and Zack S. for second place!

Thanks so much to Abby J., Anne H. Brook W., Carter R., Cheyenne M., Chris B., Claire M., Denise M., Dylan, Elizabeth A., Erin B., Heather Q., Jacky Jack R., Jake S., Janelle W., Jesse, JoAnna O., Johnathan C., Joshua M., Kasey O., Krista G., Laura W., Lindsey R., Lisa R., Liz W., Maddie R., Michelle P., Rebekah P., Ryan R., Sammy T., Sara T., Sheila P. and the Stottlemyers for participating!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

For those of you wondering…

Day 1: Crafty Bus,  Day 2: Flower Bed, Day 3: Weather Rock, Day 4: Ski Chair, Day 5: Bell, Day 6: Showers next to hot tubs, Day 7: Mileage/City Sign in the Parking Lot!


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