Positioning for the future … the near future … and the distant future – it’s what keeps us busy at Sonlight these days.

  • Facilities are being prepared for winter – chains on the tractors, water lines drained and insulation in place.
  • Summer 2013 dates are set, and Heather is reviewing all the details needed for an amazing summer at Sonlight. Sara Tyler, the Sonlight registrar is fine tuning the registration system- registration begins at 6 AM on January 2.
  • Summer staff applications are being finalized, and when we return from our camp conference and a bit of time off we’ll start accepting applications for summer staff 2013. The application process begins in January.
  • We’re getting a great handle on fundraising- which we’ve never done much of. We’re focusing on funds for the Scholarship fund, a “Program Excellence” fund which will go towards all things of excellence at Sonlight: staff training, equipment and facilities. In January we launch a Sonlight Endowment, which will undergird the long term future of Sonlight.
  • Monthly Sonlight Board of Directors meetings continue, as we continue the work of ensuring Sonlight is strong for the next generation. Thanks Ron McVean, Heidi TeBrink, Heather and Nick for joining the board meeting this week. Your input is invaluable.

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