It is clear that camps are partnering with parents to impact young people’s educational, social, emotional, and health safety outcomes. An American Camp Association article (Stephen Wallace, 2011) provides some powerful statistics about the influence of camp in young peoples’ lives.

Young people who participate in camp versus those who are non-campers are significantly more likely to report:

  • being highly mentored (37% v. 23%)
  • taking positive risks (48% v. 30%)
  • and  having a high sense of self (53% v. 40%).

In addition, young people who attend camp are less likely to say they:

  • drink alchohol (26% v. 36%)
  • drink and drive (14% v. 23%)
  • smoke marijuana (8% v. 18%)
Summer camp. Mentoring youth. Partnering with parents. Equipping kids with the tools and character to make good decisions and strive for their goals.


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