Lookin’ forward to the summer 2011 night games – Andrew is serious about planning. Check out the game-strategy-board!

From Andrew:

Night Game: This summer’s night game is going back to basics. Rest assured the sneakiest, the smartest, and the quickest will be rewarded. I don’t want to give away anything about the game itself but I will say that this summer’s night game is sure to leave a mark!

Wednesday Shenanigans: Minute To Win It. We adapt a bunch of minute to win it games for camp and compete in games of skill. Balance, speed, accuracy, steadiness, and technique will all be put to the test. At the end we tally scores and award the winners then as a group attempt the ridiculously difficult challenges.

The Vault rework: Many people attempted the vault last summer and were flustered at its difficulties in communication, uncertainties in being blind in and unknown space, and general confusion about the plethora of rules that went along with the challenge. I have reworked this teams course challenge so get ready to form a confused conga line and snake your way through ‘The New Vault’ and save Mrs. Buttons yet again!

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