Surrounded by the college students and young adults that we work with, we are inspired by them, and reminded of the fullness that life has to offer. Fresh outlooks, passion to make a difference and curious about the world around them. How we appreciate them. From 2010 – a couple quotes from their blogs:

“People talk about college and study abroad as time before “real life,” before work and real worries begin. But who is to say that this is not real life? It is all part of one journey, one great big adventure and there would be no “real life” without these kinds of blessings we experience”

“……May you press the stop button and take a moment to take in God’s creation. May you pause during the moments where you feel like yourself again.  Turn up the volume on the people in your life who speak life and hope into you. Mute the people who speak negativity. Find a moment, daily, weekly or monthly where you can press the pause button and just be. The moment where you can be still and know who your Creator is, WHO you are and WHOSE your are.”

“There is a difference between being judgmental and exercising sound judgment. It’s flexing your discernment muscle. Don’t just read labels; know what those things mean and where they come from. Don’t just read a book or listen to a sermon; know God’s Word and develop an understanding of sound doctrine.”

“Be keen. Be aware. Flap your arms a little to dispel the fog.”

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