Sonlight is a story. Like any good story, there are characters, a plot, conflict and resolution. Let me tell you the story of Sonlight Summer 2010.

We began with our with staff: 27 individuals coming together to help shape the story. We had campers. 479 kids who made a choice to spend a week with us, and be part of our story. We had volunteers. 22 generous souls who wanted to contribute. Two dogs, a lot of rain and a cat. Our story line was simple: Become community, develop genuine relationship, and be in the presence of God. Through genuine relationship, and being in the presence of God we have been transformed. As with any good story, we had conflict – equipment does break, people make mistakes, expectations were not met and sometimes things just go wrong. But we fixed things, resolved what we could through communication and in the end our story was a beautiful story, one with a great outcome. Kids have been renewed and we all have a bit of hope as we continue along our journeys.

So the story of Summer 2010 is wrapped up, but it is only one chapter in our story. We challenge you to continue in what you have learned.

The world doesn’t define our faith by what we say we believe; but instead, what we do about it  – Bob Goff

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