Why Sonlight?

Sonlight fun“It’s the experience that brings people in the door…deliver an authentic experience of emotional strength, spontaneity, and simultaneity….”

-The Gospel According To Starbucks

Why do Sonlight camps fill up year after year? Great food? Amazing staff? Majestic San Juan mountains? In 35 years of Sonlight, we’d say that it is every detail of Sonlight that stacks up to an experience that kids can’t get enough of. The feedback from campers and parents is consistent: Campers feel valued, they come alive in an environment that is real – and not virtual. The authentic experience of camp becomes the starting point for a lived faith. It is transforming. Sonlight is small, but our opportunity for genuine relationship is huge. And it makes a difference. Sonlight desires to create experiences and relationships where kids and staff explore faith from their heart. When it comes from the heart, it will grow.


Sonlight Seasons: Winter

Sonlight meadow in January

Sonlight meadow in January

Sonlight Camp has had a robust winter season for the past 30+ years. Sonlight is available for church groups to rent, most of our winter groups are church youth groups, many return year after year for their annual ski trip to Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Winter groups at Sonlight often ski during the day, then do evening worship and program. The hot tub, snow shoes, a meadow full of snow, hot chocolate and board games in the dining room make it a magic place for a winter trip.



Wolf Creek lodge, circa 1950


Alberta Peak. 11,904′

Opened in 1939, Wolf Creek Ski Area claims “The Most Snow in Colorado”. The resort is located within the steep San Juan Mountains,  30 minutes north of Pagosa Springs. It’s a favorite, small resort.  The days at Wolf Creek are sunny, the snow is epic.

The San Juan Mountains get their big snow dumps when storms roll out of the pacific and come up through the south. Through the years some of the memorable storms have dropped  up to 48″ of snow on Sonlight in a day. A bit of shoveling and plowing follows, to clear the roads, all the pathways and decks.

No deep snows at Sonlight yet, but we’ve got the chains on the snow plows, firewood stocked for the winter and we’re ready- bring on the snow!




A Note From Chelsea


From Chelsea Poest: Sonlight Program Director! 

December 2010 I discovered a counselor job posting for Sonlight on my college’s website; I applied on a whim. I didn’t have a ton of experience working with children, but I felt as if the Colorado Mountains were calling my name. I had lived in Holland, Michigan my entire life and I decided to attend Hope College, which was also in Holland. Safe to say, it was time to change it up. Little did I know, Sonlight would become my home for the next 4 summers. It became a place where I learned more about myself than I ever imagined and a place where I felt God’s presence more clearly than ever before. Sonlight has given me a community that has become family. It is a place where I can be myself and a place where I discovered my calling in life.

Being at Sonlight year round has been such a blessing so far. I am excited to continue planning for the summer, start to hire staff, and continue listening to God’s direction for Sonlight now and in the months to come. I am so excited for Summer 2015. Youth Ministry is my passion and it has been a blessing being a part of the Sonlight family for the last 4 years. Thank you for all your support and love for this ministry. It is truly an honor to be a part of it.

. – Chelsea

Chelsea’s position at Sonlight is year round, her home is at Sonlight. She is just starting the process of hiring all summer counselors and program staff, and is busy with planning “all things Sonlight” for summer 2015.

Contact Chelsea:   chelsea@sonlightcamp.org  :  970.398. 0808 (mobile)  : or at camp, 970.264.4379

Discover Unexpected Gifts

Unique gifts with a Sonlight connection! Support some Sonlight folks and find gifts out of the ordinary.


CollinsCraftsCollins Crafts

Kara Wright’s Etsy site is packed with her hand crafted jewelry and a bit of photography. Kara is preparing to do a tour with Up With People, proceeds of her sales support her upcoming work.

Jewelry designs are unique, and all have the “Kara touch.”



Charlie’s Nest

Century, Vintage & Retro treasures can be found at Karla LeDuc’s Etsy shop. You can’t go wrong with a gift of nostalgia, the wear and scratches add character to an item well loved.


dusting mittNorwex Microfiber

Improve the quality of your life by radically reducing the chemicals in your home. Clean, scrub and polish with ease using microfiber products. Just a bit of a sales note: Sonlight uses many of these towels and cloths, definitely saving time and money on top of reducing the chemicals our staff is exposed to in our daily and weekly cleaning. Sara Tyler is the gal to go to for “all things microfiber.” Check out her Facebook page for deals going on this week.

giftofcamp11_upA Gift Certificate For Sonlight Camp

Purchase a gift certificate from Sonlight, for any amount, towards a camper tuition. ($25 to $795). Sonlight will provide you a pdf certificate indicating the amount you have paid towards the camper’s camp tuition. You print the certificate, and wrap as a gift.

Best Job Ever

“Everything I need to know …. I learned at camp.” (Former Sonlight staff member)

Junior Camp#736#477

Summer 2015! The best summer ever. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for a job which will shape your life forever. Work hard, spend the summer in beautiful Colorado mountains, have the opportunity to give to others every day. To work at camp is an amazing opportunity no one should miss. Sonlight offers a variety of positions- counseling, cooking and behind the scenes positions. For all the details, and how to apply:






A Christmas Gift To Remember

giftofcamp11_up Give camp for Christmas!

With Thanksgiving behind us, holiday shopping has officially begun. Sonlight provides the opportunity to give the extraordinary gift of camp.

Buy a gift certificate towards Sonlight tuition for a grandchild, niece, nephew or friend. You may also purchase an undesignated gift certificate that Sonlight will apply to a child we know has financial needs.

joy in the simple

You choose any amount for the gift, which will be applied to camp tuition for a specific camper. Valid for any Sonlight camp or retreat. We provide a gift certificate for you to wrap and put under the tree. Everyone knows that the best gifts come in small packages!

More Information ……


Thanksgiving2We give thanks for so much to be grateful for!

Staff who inspire us, friends who include Sonlight in their prayers and thoughts regularly. Lots of snow and moisture this winter = green grass and spring water next spring! Our ACA camp conference: colleagues and friends who encourage us. Laughter. Learning new things about camp. Prayers for all of it. Summer 2015 and all the planning we get to do for it. Campers  and staff who enrich our lives.

Know you are loved, and we are thankful for you.

Conference Time!

IMG_0672 High Trails

Our ACA conference is all wrapped up, and a productive time it was. Many great connections with our colleagues in the camping world, and Winston, Mary and Chelsea all came away with many notes and ideas about how to make Sonlight more relevant – and better.

Best part of the time with all the folks who are professional camp people is the enthusiasm we all share for All. Things. Camp. Best job ever!

The Season Of Hope

advent-candlesFrom the Latin word that means “coming”, Advent is a season of waiting, expecting and hoping.It has significance as a season of looking forward and waiting for something greater; both for the annual celebration of the event of Christ’s birth, and for the time when Christ will come again. This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Beginning four Sundays prior to Christmas and ending on Christmas Eve, Advent helps us to prepare for the coming, or advent of the Christ child at Christmas.

The season of expectancy and hope.

“Jesus keeps our feet on the ground, attentive to children, in conversation with ordinary people, sharing meals with friends and strangers, listening to the wind, observing the wildflowers, touching the sick and wounded, praying simply and unselfconsciously. Jesus insists that we deal with God right here and now, in the place where we find ourselves and with the people we are with. Jesus is God here and now.”

- Eugene Peterson

Learning With The Best Of Them

4colorm_1Winston, Mary and Chelsea are at the American Camp Association, Rocky Mountain Conference this week. It’s a favorite week for us, as we spend time with long, long time colleagues in the camp world, meet new colleagues, and learn what the current buzz is in for camps regionally and nationally. Many kinds of camps are represented: day camps, resident camps, church camps, trip and travel camps, privately owned camps, camps with week long sessions, and camps where kids attend for 4 or 8 weeks at a time. We love the diversity, and always learn a thing or two.

Sonlight is Accredited by the American Camp Association, a professional organization involved in “all things camp.” ACA sets standards for camps, and by voluntarily adhering to all the standards, a camp can earn the ‘accredited’ standard. Much work goes in to the accreditation process, it sets a standard for camps willing to be diligent about a quality operation from facility to program to staffing. Sonlight has maintained our ‘accredited’ status for 20+ years.